Race Recap: Sizzling Sprint Triathlon

First, it has been a while since I’ve posted. Started a new job and lots of training going on personally for my half ironman at the end of the year among many other things.  Trying to post as much as possible these coming months on overall health and well-being.  For now though, race recap from this past weekend.

This past weekend I completed my final triathlon in a 4 race series.  The first 3 were great, for those wanting to get into triathlons Rev3 puts on great races (No, they didn’t pay me to say that either).Siz_Swim

First the swim. This was a pool swim and self-seeded.  So basically you place yourself in line based on time.  The last time this was completed it was a big ole cluster.  People were a bit over zealous last time in their predicted times and therefore my swim suffered then.  This time around much better, I only had to pass one person which is great when you have about 10-15 people in a lane at a single time.

Transition 1 was ridiculous in my opinion.  I couldn’t get a dang bike shoe on because my feet were too wet, it felt like it took forever but the times told me otherwise.  I was relatively quick compared to before.


Bike The bike course was great 2 loops little rolling hills but able to get some good speed on the downhills to alleviate much of the climbing.  Slightly faster as well as I averaged 19.2 mph. I made sure to drink all of my BASE Performance Rocketfuel on the bike and at least half a bottle of water because although the bike was shaded I could sense the sun coming out so the run would be hot.

Transition 2 was great. Took my feet out of my bike shoes prior to coming to transition for a quicker transition.  Took one last swig of water and slid my running shoes on, my TriEverything Headsweats visor and off I went.  The run course was a simple out and back, super flat fast course.

All in all great finish to the first half of my race season. My times were:

Swim: 5:52Siz_Finish

T1: 1:13

Bike: 38:40

T2: 0:44

Run: 25:19

Total time: 1:11:47

Stay tuned for the next post. Posts coming more regularly. 🙂


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